What is the current Household & Cleaning promotion being run at Poundland?

The competition requires entrants to spend at least £5 on items from the Household & Cleaning range in Poundland stores in England, Scotland & Wales for a chance to win a prize. The prize pool consists of prizes totalling £505,000. To enter you register for the promotion at www.poundland.co.uk/cleanpromo and upload your itemised till receipt, full name, postal and email address.

When can I enter the promotion?

The promotion starts 07:15 on 15 January 2020 and ends 23:15 on 13 February 2020 – your till receipt is required to enter the promotion.

How do I know whether I’ve won?

Each entrant will receive an email confirming they have successfully entered the promotion and separately advised whether they have won a prize or not.

What products are included in the promotion?

All products ranged in the Poundland Household & Cleaning range. A list of current items can be found at: https://www.poundland.co.uk/home-and-pet/cleaning

Do I have to make a purchase to enter the promotion?

Yes, entrants must spend at least £5 on Household & Cleaning items during the promotion to enter. The promotion starts 07:15 on 15 January 2020 and ends 23:15 on 13 February 2020 – your till receipt is required to enter the promotion

I’m having trouble uploading my receipt, who do I contact?

If you have problems uploading your receipt, please contact [email protected].

I don’t live in the UK, can I still enter the promotion?

No, this promotion is only open to residents of England, Scotland & Wales.

How many times can I enter the promotion?

There is no limit to the number of times you can enter the promotion however you can only enter once per receipted transaction. To enter successive times you would need to upload a new receipt.

Is there any age restriction to this promotion?

In order to participate in this promotion, you must be ages 18 Years or over.

If I win a prize, when will I be paid?

You will receive your prize via BACS transfer within 7 days of being notified that you are a winner

What will the information I have submitted be used for?

Your data will solely be used for the purposes of fulfilling the promotion unless otherwise opted in.

What will happen to the personal and bank details I have provided?

Your personal details will only be used to administer this promotion, including fulfilling your prize, they will not be used for any additional purposes unless you have opted in to receive communication in the future.  Personal details will be securely removed from our records on 13 July 2020 (6 Months after the close of the campaign) if you have not opted in to future communications. If you’d like the personal data we have collected to be deleted at any time before that, please email us at [email protected] . Bank details will only be used to pay your prize.

I didn’t keep my receipt, can I enter?

Your receipt is required to enter the promotion.

I haven’t received an email to acknowledged that I have entered the competition, what should I do?

Please contact us at: [email protected]

I was notified I won a prize but I haven’t received the payment, what should I do?

Please contact us at: [email protected]

What happens is there is a problem with the Website and I cannot enter the promotion?

The promoter will do everything they can to ensure the website is functioning correctly throughout the promotion period, and in the unlikely event of any issues, will work to fix these as soon as possible. If you are having problems entering the promotion, please contact us at [email protected]